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Arctic Race Of Norway

Another Arctic Race of Norway done. It was again a beautiful race with breathtaking scenery.

Just like last year it was also my first proper race after the Tour de France. The days before the race I started to feel good again and therefore I was really up for the race. Luckily the legs responded really well and I felt pretty strong. So you could think it should be possible to get a result here and there, but unfortunately I was missing luck and timing.

On stage three we had a mountaintop finish which suited me well, but I lost the wheels of my teammates just before the climb. I was starting the climb to far back. I nearly closed the gap, but couldn’t make the junction.

I wanted to make it better the next day and also I wanted to show that I’m in really good shape. All went fine until a rider crashed into my bike. It took more than a minute until I was able to continue. Unfortunately the race was already full on. I was able to come back, but I have lost so much energy while chasing, that I wasn’t able to follow the final attacks.

You can say „Shit happens“ but this year a lot of times things just not going the way they should. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in the last years, but I’m just not able to put that into some results.

On a positive note. We’ve won a stage with Sam Bennett. The team was working really well together as well. So it wasn’t bad at all for us, but just for me personally I wished for more.

My next races will be Vattenfall Cyclassics, Tour of Alberta, Quebec and Montreal.


Tour de France Résumé


That’s it. Another Tour de France finished. It was my second Tour and sixth Grand Tour. I know for the most people out there it is already an achievement just to finish the Tour, but that was never my intention to „just“ finish the Tour. I wanted to be a part of the race. I wanted to be an actor on this big stage.
In the Criterium du Dauphine I was already in good shape and I was hoping to be even stronger at the Tour. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t in my best possible condition. That and also missing luck was the reason why nothing countable came around in the Tour.
Like you can see I’m not satisfied with my Tour. Still, it was again a beautiful feeling to finish on the Champs Élysées. Even if the weather wasn’t as good as last year. But if you see all the people along the road and you know your Family, friends and girlfriend watching you, you know why you suffered for three weeks. And I was suffering a lot this year.

The positive things in this Tour have been the six stage wins by Germans. I think it was an awesome Tour for Germany and German cycling. German television (ARD) was showing it again and the people in the Germany had the chance to get us to know better. I hope we will continue in the same way to bring back the passion of cycling to the people in Germany.

I’ll start now at two criterium’s before the preparation for the second half of the season starts. Next on my program will be Arctic Race of Norway, Vattenfall Cyclassics, Tour of Alberta and the two WorldTour races in Canada. I also hope to get selected for the World Championships in Richmond/USA. I think we’ve a big chance to win the race and it would be a big pleasure to be a part of it.


Stage 20 to Alp d’Huez… It was a nice but also a painful experience. Thanks to the fans (some were maybe a bit to drunk) for the support. I’m happy the mountains are behind us. Just one last stage left. And if you think it’s a easy one, than you’re wrong. I can tell you, the Champ Élysées is a quite painful circuit. So one last time suffering and than some well deserved beers afterwards. Looking forward to see my family, friends and especially my girlfriend.

Photo taken at: Alpe d’Heuz

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